Displaced animals head way to Tulsa

The four legged victims of the East Texas Tornados are now ready for the next part of their journey in finding a forever home of their very own. Over the past month, the Canton Animal Shelter took in more than 80 animals that have waited to be reunited with their families. A month later, many did not get reclaimed.

Animal Investigation & Response, a DFW based organization that specializes in large scale emergency situations relating to animals, arrived in Canton on May 1 to assist the shelter with the influx of animals and provide resources to care for, maintain and find placement for the large number of furry companions.

AIR has secured transport and transfer of the unclaimed tornado animals though a well-known, east Texas born celebrity’s foundation to an Oklahoma-based organization. A rescue mobile unit, aptly named Muttnation Foundation, arrived in Canton to assist the animals in getting to their destination where they will prepare them for adoption. 

“We came in and accessed the situation to see what the need was after the April 29 tornadoes in Canton.  We helped to bring in Miranda Lambert’s Muttnation Foundation, a rescue organization that works closely with the Tulsa Humane Society, which is a no-kill foundation.”

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