A rekindling of our spirits

Lately I've been suffering from a lack of spirit.  Call it emotionally bereft or a general "grrr" feeling.  Anyway, I've been easily ticked off the last few weeks.  Seems like every move I make someone's there to get in my way.  First Husband and I had a big fight over nothing at all, and people at the grocery store are intentionally blocking my path, I'm certain of it.  People with poor driving skills are 'driving' 52 in a 70-mph zone and I'm directly behind them.  I want to honk my horn and demonstrate with hand gestures just how thoughtless they're being, but that would probably lead to a road-rage incident and I'd be writing this from a hospital room suffering from a gunshot wound.  But it's not good to suppress anxiety, that just leads to heartburn.  So here I sit, heartburney and ticked and needing to smack somebody.

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