Keeping warm

 Aside from first aid, the most important demand your body has is to keep your core body temperature at 98.6°F. Since winter is coming on, maybe it’s a good time to talk about keeping warm.

As I sit here writing this story, I’m wearing long undies, a warm leather jacket, and a wool cap. I’ve got a portable electric heater by my feet that clicks on every once in a while. Outside, it’s 51°F., rainy, and 100% humid. Indoors, it’s 64°F. I could turn up the heat, but I decided to heat me instead of the house.

In Cool School in Alaska, I learned the human body puts priority on keeping its core temperature up. It’s not that your body doesn’t care if you get frostbitten earlobes, fingers, and toes. They just aren’t priority items when it’s frigid outside; you can live without them. One reason I can still count to ten with both hands is that I learned to keep warm.


Giving pets as holiday gifts takes some considertion

Merry Christmas and happy gift-giving!  This column is devoted to all who love to give and those who love to receive.  That's just about all of us, I'd say.  Here are a few animal-related tips for the holidays:

Tip #1:  If you wish to give a gift of a pet, consider what the pet is going through--an unfamiliar place, smells and humans.  Pet:  "I'm scared!  What is this place?  Who are these faces, what are these smells?"  The pet will do what frightened animals do; he will try to hide, and when there is no hiding place he will lash out in fear--biting and snarling and scratching.  He will probably also tinkle several times.  So where's the fun in that?  The recipient feels cheated; this isn't the sweet pet she had her heart set on.  You become a bad gift-giver.


Christmas time’s a coming to the library, too

Courtesy photo These two little readers found a cozy spot to share a book at the Grand Saline Library last week.

The Christmas decorations are almost all up at the library. 

We are getting very excited for Santa’s visit from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 5.  In additional to the photo opportunity with Santa we will also have a couple of more photo stations set up, one which we know the adults will enjoy as well. 

Last year we had almost 600 people come to our meet and greet with Santa at the library and we can’t wait to see what this year brings. 

This event will be taking place alongside Cocoa and Carols.  So while you are out we encourage you wander around downtown and sample all the different cocoas.

 This year’s commemorative mug design has the Old Pharmacy Building on it.  The mug is red and can be purchased at the Salt Palace, That Sign Place, Wired Up Café, and Ben & Neva’s for $5. 


What if we could end the streak?

It has been 15 years since Texas could claim a day where there were no fatalities on our roads.

That’s 5,478 consecutive days with at least one fatality.

The fatalities add up to more than 51,832 people killed on Texas roadways over the past 15 years. The leading cause of fatalities continues to be alcohol with distracted driving and a lack of seat belt use also being a major cause. The Texas Department of Transportation is promoting the “End the Streak” campaign to help end motor vehicle fatalities in Texas.

What if for one day everyone took responsibility for themselves and their friends and there were no drunk drivers on our roads.  And there was not one person driving somewhere to drink without a plan for a sober ride home — and no underage drunk drivers were to be found anywhere.


We all came from somewhere else

As terrorists took aim at France last week, the horror of watching planes fly into the World Trade Center Twin Towers was revisited.

Sept. 11, 2001, was a frightening day. But it was also a day that rallied many of us to a renewed patriotism. We gathered in parks, churches and civic buildings carrying American flags, sharing a sense of grief and outrage with our fellow countrymen.

The attacks in Paris reminded us how vulnerable we are and it reminded us that some religious zealots sacrifice themselves to harm the innocent.

It is understandable to want to do something to stop the events of Sept. 11, 2001, or Nov. 13, 2015, from happening again; however, denying refuge to all those escaping Syria goes against the foundation of this nation.

I visited New York City for the first time earlier this month. Of course, one of our stops was the Statue of Liberty. No landmark has every affected me as much as seeing Lady Liberty did.


Thanksgiving feast for pets different than people’s

Thanksgiving is when many people express gratitude for the blessings in life. For many of us, our pets are included in our thoughts of appreciation. Although you may consider Fido a part of the family, there are many reasons why he should not join you at the dinner table for the traditional holiday feast.


Terrorism in waiting: Modern day camouflage

In light of the recent Paris terrorist attack stemming from those posing as refugees, I strongly believe it is irresponsible to accept any Syrian refugees into Texas. 

Posing as refugees has become the camouflage of the modern day terrorist.

We have been at war with Islamic terrorists since our country was established in 1789. The first president to stand-up to the radicals from the Middle East and take the battle to the Islamic terrorists was Thomas Jefferson when he sent the US Marines into Tripoli to fight the Barbary Pirates. 

The world’s problem with the hate-filled Islamic terrorists has existed for thousands of years. The so-called Muslim religion, which is also a theocracy, was created on a foundation of hate by Mohammed. 

The destabilization of the Middle East by the U.S. and other western countries has greatly escalated the Islamic terrorist wars with all non-Muslims world wide.


Column from Jennifer Ross at the WP Chamber

Brick$ Buck$ are here!

Never before has the visibility of the “shop local” tag been greater than it has become in recent years. With small communities taking charge of highlighting the benefits of shopping locally and programs like Small Business Saturday designing special days when these benefits are heavily marketed, it is no wonder that the buzz is spreading!

Wills Point has been swimming with activity through our local businesses in the last few weeks. Brick$ Buck$ are here and are available now with local residents and customers getting into the spirit. Some lucky local customer is going to win $5000 just for visiting and shopping in our local businesses! There are seventeen Wills Point merchants who have made tickets available in their store and thirteen sponsors who helped to make this shop local program possible.


Grand Saline Library Holidays are here! Are you ready?

The end of the year is coming faster than most of us are ready for.  There are so many things to do before the Christmas holidays. 

We would like to remind everyone that we are closed on Thanksgiving Day and the following Friday.

 The first week of December will be a busy one for us.  We are hosting a painting party on Friday, Dec. 4, at 6 p.m.  The party/class costs $35 and there are a limited numbers of spaces, so you need to contact the library to sign up for this event. 

On Saturday, Dec. 5, as part of the city-wide celebration, we will have Santa visiting the library from 4:30 to 6:30pm.  You can bring your camera and take pictures with Santa for free and we will also be serving refreshments.  


State Capitol HIGHLIGHTS

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on Nov. 9 affirmed a Brownsville federal district judge’s Feb. 15, 2015, order forbidding the Obama administration’s implementation of DAPA, the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Residents Program. 

Against the wishes of Congress, the White House sent out a memorandum in November 2014 extending the reach of the policy include to more people.

Gov. Greg Abbott reacted to the Fifth Circuit ruling  on Nov. 10, saying: “The court’s decision is a vindication for the Rule of Law and the Constitution. The president’s job is to enforce the immigration laws, not rewrite them. President Obama should abandon his lawless executive amnesty program and start enforcing the law today.”

In affirming the lower court’s ruling, the Fifth Circuit sided with Texas and 25 other states that sued to prevent the implementation of DAPA on three grounds:


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