Ask not what your library can do for you …

What can you do for your library? 

The next time you get ready to order flowers or a plant for a funeral or memorial service we would love if you would consider making a memorial donation to the library. 

All you have to do is bring by or mail in cash or a check and let us know who it is in memory of and we will send the family a card acknowledging the donation in the name of the loved one who passed.  You can also give donations in honor of someone. 

If you know someone who doesn’t want or need gifts you can give to the library in honor of them and we will send them a recognition card as well so that they know about your gift.  The next you come to the library grab some loose bills from your purse or wallet or spare change from your car and drop it in our donation jar. Every cent counts. 

There does not have to be a special occasion to give to the library. 


State Capitol HIGHLIGHTS

American Community Survey updates poverty statistics

Texas’ poverty rate improved to 17.2 percent in 2014, according to U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey released Sept. 17.

Embedded in that statistic is this: more than 4.5 million Texans — 1.7 million of whom are children — still live in poverty. In 2014, the poverty line for a family of three was about $19,000 per year.

Austin-based Center for Public Policy Priorities, a non-partisan research and advocacy organization, said the poverty rate for Texas children of 24.6 percent remained unchanged from the previous year.

“Although the state is growing, too many Texans struggle every day to make ends meet,” Jennifer Lee of the Center for Public Policy Priorities said. “High levels of child poverty continue to undermine our state economy and affect the future prosperity of our state,” she added.


We could use a few more Friends

Are you looking for a way to give back to your community?  Do you have a little free time that you would like to share? 

The Friends of the Library is always looking for new members to join their group. 

The Friends of the Library meets the third Wednesday of each month at 1 p.m. at the Grand Saline Public Library. Most months, the meeting is the only time requirement we have for people who serve on the Friends leadership team.  Although there are a few events throughout the year that the Friends sponsor and help work, the time commitment is minimal. 

Some of the events that they Friends of the Library host are our annual fundraisers such as the baked potato luncheon and the pictures with Santa event at the library.  The Library Board of Trustees serves in an administration role for the library but they cannot fundraise so the Friends of the Library is vitally important because they serve as a fundraising body for the library.  


State Capitol HIGHLIGHTS

Neighbors agree to work on trade, energy projects

Gov. Greg Abbott traveled to Mexico last week to meet with President Enrique Peña Nieto and other officials in Mexico City.

On Sept. 8, the governor’s office announced an agreement between the Texas Department of Transportation and the Ministry of Communications and Transportation of the United Mexican States “to promote and increase bilateral collaboration on future border infrastructure projects.”

Also announced was the creation of an energy task force “to foster economic growth on both sides of the border by finding new and innovative energy solutions.”

Abbott said the agreements signify Texas’ and Mexico’s “intent to expand highway infrastructure, encourage economic development and facilitate bilateral trade on both sides of the border.”


Have fun with the library

The Van Zandt County Library will be represented at the third annual Health and Safety Expo/Back to School Bash from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, Sept. 19, at Canton First United Methodist Church. 

The event is free, and includes bounce house, games, and information about services and programs offered within the community. 

Help the library and maybe help your Christmas list.  An American Girl Doll and an Acer Chrome book are the raffle items offered by the Friends of the Library this fall.  Tickets are available at the library.   Only 152 tickets are available for each item.



Hi there!  I’m GRANDPA.  Hopefully you read my introductory article a couple of weeks back.  If you didn’t, I should just tell you that I am here for you.  I am here to take your questions or problems and give you the best advice I possibly can.  Your age doesn’t matter, I am here for all ages and all types of issues.

As a matter of fact I started off my first column with the following: 

Hey Grandpa, I’m a teenager and I’m getting bullied at school.  Why do people want to hurt other people like that, and what can I do about it without making things worse? Signed, Batterd Boy.

That’s a really good question Batterd Boy.  I know this is a widespread problem in schools and there’s a lot of work being put in by parents and teachers as well as school administrators to put a stop to it in their school district.  I don’t know if your school district is busy with it but most of them are.


State Capitol Highlights

Gov. Greg Abbott ordered Texas flags across the state be lowered to half-staff in honor of slain Harris County Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth on Sept. 4.

Abbott also asked that law enforcement officers turn on their patrol vehicles’ red and blue flashing lights for one minute at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 4, the start time for Deputy Goforth’s funeral.

Goforth, 47, reportedly was targeted for wearing a uniform.

He was gunned down on Aug. 28 while refueling his vehicle at a convenience store in the Houston suburb of Cypress. Surveillance video helped law enforcement trace, capture and arrest a suspect, Shannon J. Miles, 30. Investigators retrieved a .40 caliber handgun at the suspect’s residence. Ballistics testing matched the handgun to ammunition used in the shooting. The suspect has been charged with capital murder.


Two honored posthumously


Rich or poor, smart or dumb. It don’t matter

Did you read the book "Marley and Me?” Or see the movie?  At the end, the narrator says, "It doesn't matter to a dog if you're rich or poor, smart or dumb..."  And that's true.  All you have to be is THERE.  If you show a dog that you care, he will care about you ten times more. As for cats, they don't care about much of anything at all; they only want to be fed and to have a sunny place to snooze. 

When we adopt out a cat or dog, I always wonder what that person is really like.  Are they smart or dumb?  Are they rich or poor?  But then, I'm a human.

We've seen some really dim bulbs. There are some you would swear wouldn't know how to cross the street, but they have something the animal senses, something we humans can't see. That's the beauty of animals. They live in the moment, and all they need to know is that this person cares. Maybe we should all be more like that.  


No fines at GS Library

Grand Saline Public Library is starting out September – which is National Library Card Sign-Up Month – by announcing that we will no longer be charging daily overdue fines for materials checked-out from the library!

The library board first began discussing this idea in spring and after a test run during the summer we have decided that this is the right move for our library.  

Library Board Chair Jan Adamson stated, "We're embracing a trend that has been met with success in libraries across the country. It eliminates an adversarial position with our patrons and allows them to return materials without fear of recrimination.  We still value our collection and will continue to pursue over-due items but it's nice to know you don't have to worry about fines. Fines certainly don't count as substantial income for us.  But keeping our patrons and our materials is important."


Be a Friend to the library

Friends of the Van Zandt County Library will begin the 2015-‘16 year at 10 a.m. Monday, Sept. 14 in the Buchanan Room of the Library.  Please make it a point to be on hand for a “Look Back-Look Forward.”   Annual dues are due, and life memberships are still available.

An American Girl Doll and an Acer Chrome notebook are the fall raffle items for 2015. 

Only 152 tickets will be offered on each item, and are available at the Library or from Friends.  One hundred percent of the proceeds benefit library programs.  All children’s books, newspapers, and magazines are funded through the Friends efforts.  Many other items that the annual budget does not support are provided through the generosity of the citizens in support of Friends of the Library. 

Many audio books are in Van Zandt County Library.  They are catalogued with the prefix DVD, so it is easy to look and see if your favorite is included.  Notice there are some special rules about checkout times. 


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