05 29 2015

Body Of Missing Greenville Girl Found Along FM 47

By David Kapitan
Staff Writer
WILLS POINT—The Van Zandt County Sheriff’s Office and Texas Rangers were called out on Tuesday afternoon to investigate the discovery of a dead body in the Magbee Creek area along Farm-to-Market 47.
The body, identified on Wednesday as Alicia Chanta Moore, a 16-year-old Greenville girl who had been missing since November 2, was found in a black storage box about four miles out of the Wills Point city limits by Texas Department of Transportation workers in the area.
Early rumors centered on the possibility that the body found was a baby, but the sheriff’s department quickly shot down that false information.
Authorities on the scene diverted traffic from the area for hours as they gathered evidence and searched for clues.
On late Tuesday, word began to circulate that the body discovered belonged to an African American female and that Texas Rangers had requested dental records from Moore’s family.
Moore was last seen getting off a school bus on the afternoon of the November 2 school day. A Greenville ISD security tape from the bus confirmed that Moore “got on the bus at the high school and got off of the bus safely at her stop.”
At a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, Greenville Police Department Chief of Police Dan Busken confirmed that Moore’s body showed signs of trauma, and that an autopsy was ongoing to determine a cause of death. Busken added, “I don’t know the time of death. We have not been provided that yet from the medical examiner’s office.”
Regarding the box that Moore’s body was found in, Busken stated, “There is a box that’s associated with this investigation. I’m not at liberty to give a lot of details about that, but that is certainly something that we are looking at and will be a key point of our investigation.”
Busken added, “We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us with this investigation. I mentioned early on and I want to repeat it: We have received many, many tips from the community. We’re hoping those tips continue to come in. We are only as good as our most recent information, and it’s even more evident in a case like this. Hopefully, we will have more information to release fairly soon.”
Moore’s family, and friends of Moore’s family also spoke out on Wednesday afternoon, expressing frustration about the lack of an Amber Alert and pleading with the community for information to bring closure Moore’s case.
Jessica Byrd, Alicia Moore’s aunt, stated, “I don’t care how old or young someone is. I think they need to change that Amber Alert. If somebody is missing that should have been home, the police need to step up and reach out.”
Lashonda Simpson, a friend of the Moore family, added, “At some point in time, whether they ran away or were abducted, you do your job to bring that child home.”
Busken addressed the concerns about the Amber Alert not being issued, stating, “There are specific criteria that must be met to activate an Amber Alert. At no time were those criteria met. We have already received numerous tips from the community and appreciate the support we have received so far. We encourage anyone to contact the Greenville Police Department at (903) 457-2900 or contact CrimeStoppers at (903) 457-2929.”

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