08 22 2014

Floating hospital of Africa, Mercy Ships provides care for nations

By Britne Reeves Staff Writer Completely landlocked, away from the oceans and countries that it treats, global charity organization Mercy Ships operates just minutes from the small East Texas town of Van. Rooted off of Highway 110, the landlocked [...]

Parks and Rec rallies despite roadblocks

By Britne Reeves Staff Writer A rally for community and city support is being shouted far and wide by the parks and recreation board. Namely, parks and recreation board member Mark Davis, who is taking the reins on leading the board’s initiative. With [...]

Summer Reading rolls on with clowns, authors

The Van Community Library is sponsoring a Summer Reading Club. The club includes programs every week and prizes for those who complete their reading logs. At 10 a.m. Monday, July 7, the program will be two Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey [...]

Douglas Battery batters Ben Wheeler

By Britne Reeves Staff Writer The sound of a cannon booming were heard in a Ben Wheeler pasture on June 14. Echoes of cannon fire sounded off throughout the day, brining a sense of time gone by back to the present. Members of the Douglas Battery [...]

Storm wreaks havoc across county

By Britne Reeves   Greek mythology teaches that if one flies to close to the sun, his wings might melt and he will plummet back to Earth. The same can be said of a tree –grow too high and the likelihood of being struck by lightning increases [...]