04 17 2014

Camper finds adventure in city park

By Larry Briscoe Correspondent A majestic full moon peaks above still water that stretches across the horizon while tempting aromas waft over the landscape from a pot where dinner simmers. Sound like a setting from an excursion down the Nile [...]

Bridge completion date Dec. 2015

By Larry Briscoe Correspondent Rudolf should be able to guide Santa Claus and his sleigh across Lake Tawakoni on a brand new four-lane bridge — two years from now, that is. That is the latest completion date for the new Two-Mile Bridge under [...]

Quinlan man jailed after standoff

By Larry Briscoe Correspondent A Quinlan man was taken into custody last night after a standoff with the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office. Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks said his SWAT team executed a search-and-arrest warrant at a residence on [...]

When it comes to Christmas: Quinlan-Tawakoni lights up, tunes up

By Larry Briscoe Correspondent When the glitter sparkles, lights twinkle and music plays, you know Christmas has arrived at Quinlan-Tawakoni where the season is celebrated in style. Local Christmas expressions pop up throughout the area in a [...]

Jerry Porter: Many people thankful for his selfless giving

By Larry Briscoe Correspondent It is May 2, 1967, the day before Jerry Porter’s 20th birthday. He is a passenger in a U.S. Army helicopter over the rice paddies in Vietnam. The chopper blades click overhead as the green fields pass beneath. “They [...]