05 22 2015

Charges Against Joyner Dismissed

ByJulie Vaughan
CANTON—Charges against a former Wills Point City Council member have been dropped after additional evidence was presented to the Van Zandt County Grand Jury.
Former councilman Michael Joyner was indicted by the Grand Jury September 13, on four felony charges, Van Zandt County Criminal District Attorney Chris Martin told the Wills Point Chronicle.
The indictments from the Grand Jury, according to the Van Zandt County District Attorney’s office, included Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child, Indecency with a Child, and two counts of Injury to Child.
The charges stemmed from an arrest in June 2011 after an incident that took place at Joyner’s house that same month.
However, Martin said in a written statement on September 27, past the deadline for the Chronicle, that Joyner’s cases were dismissed after being represented to the Grand Jury on September 26, “due to additional evidence that was not presented to the Grand Jury on September 13.”
“After the indictments were handed down by the Grand Jury, I discovered that some evidence, which had been previously provided by Mr. Joyner’s defense attorney Dean White, had not been presented to the Grand Jury for their consideration,” Martin said.
“Upon this discovery, I then dismissed each indictment and rescheduled the case for Grand Jury on September 26, so the grand jury members could consider the information provided by Mr. White, which included a polygraph examination, additional witness statements, and evidence of a civil lawsuit wherein the alleged victims/complainants were suing Mr. Joyner for monetary damages,” Martin added.
Martin went on to say, “On September 26, the Grand Jury reconvened and received the additional evidence and also heard live testimony from the defendant, Mr. Joyner. After the Grand Jury concluded its deliberations, each of Mr. Joyner’s cases were then no-billed.”

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