05 23 2015

City Learns Offline Well Can Be Utilized

By Terry Britt
Staff Writer
It appears the city of Van will get some help for increasing water demand from a preexisting well.
Van Public Works Director John Beall, reporting to the Van City Council last Thursday, said recent tests on the well showed returned good results.
Beall said the cost of work that would have to be done to bring the well back onto the city’s system looked reasonable.
“What we have been given as an estimate is a pretty decent set of numbers, actually,” he said. “All things considered, $128,000 is not bad.”
He did point out a couple of areas — the placement of and renovations to the chlorine building at the well site — that could bring the overall cost down further.
“I believe that $128,000 (estimate) will come down closer to $100,000 before all is said and done,” Beall noted.
“If we’ve got a good, usable water well for $100,000, that’s really a pretty cheap price for it,” Van Mayor Billy Wilson commented.
The city will pursue bids for the work on the well.
Beall later added that he felt bringing the existing well back onto the city system should prevent the need for an additional city water well “for about four to five years.”
The water well testing was done by J.L. Myers Co., Beall said after the meeting.
He said the well was originally drilled in 1964 to supplement the Van City Lake. However, it was taken offline sometime in the late 1970s and has been used sporadically since then.
Also in the meeting, the council took no action on a request by Van Community Ministries’ Loaves and Fishes program to request free Internet service from Peoples Communications Inc.
“That is really not any of the city’s business, who gets Internet service and what they pay for it,” city attorney Jay Mills said. “It’s not our call.”
The council did approve an ordinance regarding use of public rights-of-way, and approved an activity permit application.

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