05 23 2015

City, School Election Filing Starts January 30

By David Kapitan
Staff Writer
Candidate filing for Wills Point ISD School Board and Wills Point City Council positions is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, January 30 and run through Friday, March 1.
The general election, scheduled for May 11, will include the board of trustee positions for Bryan Southard and Paul Sharp.
Southard and Sharp each expressed their intention earlier this week to seek another term on the school board.
The trustee terms are for three years. Candidate packets are available at the Wills Point ISD Administration Office during normal business hours.
In the Wills Point City Council election, city voters will elect the position of Mayor, and three other council seats (those belonging to Oscar Rogers, John Pope, and Paul Addison).
The city council is guaranteed to see at least some turnover, after Paul Addison advised this week that he would not be seeking another term in office. Addison noted that he would focus more on growing his business, stating, “Right now, I have too many irons in the fire.”
Mayor Deby Frye and councilman John Pope each advised that they have not made up their mind as to whether they will make another run for office.
Oscar Rogers was the lone city council candidate to definitively state that he would seek another term in office.
The council positions are for two years. Candidate packets for the council election are available at the city office during normal business hours.

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