05 30 2015

Davidson Delighted To Be Back In Van ISD As Principal

By Terry Britt
Staff Writer
This school year has been something of a homecoming for Shelby Davidson.
The 1981 Van High School graduate and former member of the Van ISD School Board spent the last two years working in Tyler ISD.
In a professional sense, Davidson truly is home again, now in his first role as a principal at Van Middle School.
“For me, it was a dream job,” he said of applying for and attaining the lead position at VMS. “It was an opportunity to be on the same campus as two of my kids.
“I felt when I interviewed for the position that God had a plan for my life,” Davidson added, “and if it wasn’t offered to me, I would be OK with that. I was at peace with the decision.”
He taught at Van High School from 1994-97 and then served for 13 years as a school board trustee in the district.
However, when an opportunity to take on a very different challenge — working as an assistant principal at John Tyler High School — came his way, Davidson took it.
He said he has never regretted it for a moment.
“I went there with a new principal coming in. We were part of a major turnaround at John Tyler, and I got to benefit from coming in with a strong principal,” Davidson said.
He noted it was his work experience with Shon Joseph, now the principal at Little Elm High School, that spurred Davidson to earn his principal’s certification.
“I think the biggest thing that helped me was my experience at John Tyler, and having my principal’s internship there last year,” he said.
Having been away from the classroom for so long, Davidson said some of the changes upon his return

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