05 27 2015

ETMC Announces End Of Ambulance In Van

The city of Van may soon be without a stationed ambulance service after East Texas Medical Center (ETMC) announced late last week it was discontinuing its service with the city.
ETMC will no longer station an ambulance in Van as of July 15, according to a company statement.
Gladewater, Alto, Frankston and Wells are other cities affected by the company’s cutbacks in ambulance service. The statement blamed a decrease in reimbursement from Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance for making the reductions necessary.
Van City Administrator Yvonne McCauley posted a short response Monday on the Van Economic Development Corporation (EDC) website, noting two alternatives.
One, she explained, would involve no stationed ambulance in Van as there is no law requiring one.
However, the second alternative would be to negotiate with Champion EMS for one stationed ambulance in Van at a cost of $10,000 per month.
McCauley noted residents would have to pay a fee of $10 per month on their city water bills, which would cover an ambulance membership and other fees.
“If insured and you are transported in an emergency, you do not pay what your insurance does not cover. If uninsured and transported in an emergency; you pay 60 percent of the charges,” McCauley stated about the billing procedures under such an agreement.
She added that a Champion EMS representative would be present at the Van City Council meeting scheduled for July 11 at 7 p.m. at the Van Community Center.

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