05 25 2015

Fire Destroys Two Buildings, House

By Julie Vaughan
A trash fire got out of hand last Thursday, three miles east of Canton on State Highway 64, destroying two outbuildings and a house.
Van Zandt County Fire Marshal Chuck Allen said just after 2 p.m. a 9-1-1 call was made to Van Zandt County of a house fire.
“It started when the son of the homeowner was burning trash on a windy day and left it unattended,” Allen explained. “It started the grass on fire and then extended to the outbuildings adjacent to the residence and then caught the residence on fire.”
Allen said the fire to the outbuildings and the house resulted in a total loss as a result of “careless burning on a windy day.”
“Thankfully, the homeowner was insured,” Allen added.
“People need to use caution especially during these dry and windy days we’ve been having,” he continued. “If you plan to do any outdoor burning you need to have a water hose available at all times.”


Photo by Julie Vaughan
Fire fighters from Canton and South Van Zandt Volunteer Fire Department worked to control a fire on State Highway 64, east of Canton, that started when someone left burning trash unattended on a windy day. The fire ended up burning two outbuildings and a house.

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