05 27 2015

KMOO ‘Locker Room Show’ to broadcast live from Canton

“The Locker Room Show,” which airs on Mineola radio station KMOO-FM (99.9), will be broadcasting live Monday, October 21 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Denny’s Restaurant in Canton.
Denny’s Restaurant is located on the north Interstate 20 service road near Highway 19 (17400 I-20) in Canton.
“The Locker Room Show” is a high school football program that features media correspondents from throughout East Texas discussing the previous week’s games and previewing the upcoming week’s high school football matchups.
Every Monday night during the high school football season, the program originates from a local restaurant in the KMOO listening area.
David Barber, sports correspondent for Van Zandt Newspapers, L. L. C., is among the guests each week.
Canton Eagle football coaches and players are also scheduled to appear on Monday night’s program.
All Van Zandt County football fans are encouraged to attend.

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