05 28 2015

Lindsey Ray Wins Sheriff’s Race

By Julie Vaughan
Following the primary, run-off and General Election, Van Zandt County has officially voted in a new sheriff.
Republican candidate Lindsey Ray received an overwhelming 85.36 percent of the early vote while Democratic challenger Deborah Davis received 14.64 percent of the vote.
When all the boxes were counted, Ray came in with a total of 15,523 votes and Davis came in with 3,300 votes.
Ray along with incumbent candidate for sheriff R.P. “Pat” Burnett Jr. advanced to a run-off election following the primary when both candidates faced challenger David Wiley.
During the May Primary, Ray received 44.81 percent, Burnett received 37.29 percent, and Wiley received 17.90 percent for the Republican Party.
That put Ray and Burnett in a July run-off which ended with Burnett picking up 37.52 percent of the votes and Ray with 62.48 percent of the votes.
However, by the close of the General Election Tuesday night, Ray had a steady lead on Davis.
At the close of Election Day, Davis released a statement saying, “I enjoyed the race and very clean campaign and enjoyed running. Congratulations to Lindsey Ray.”
“First, to the citizens of Van Zandt County let me say Thank you for electing me to serve you and your families as the next sheriff. In the weeks, months and years ahead, I will continue to work very hard to make your sheriff’s office more effective, more efficient and more professional,” Ray said in a written statement.

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