05 26 2015

Semi Runs Into City Office

By Julie Vaughan
In the middle of a regional training exercise at the Van Zandt County Courthouse Tuesday afternoon, chaos erupted when Canton city officials, who were attending the meeting, learned an 18-wheeler had crashed into the City Office Complex.
Just after 1 p.m., Canton City Manager Lonny Cluck was notified that an 18-wheeler had struck city hall and the building was on fire.
Department of Public Safety Trooper Andrew Faglie said although the incident is still under investigation, they believe only one person was in the 18-wheeler at the time of the crash. The name of the driver was not released at press time.
“A couple had come out of (VZCR) 4126 traveling east on (State Highway) 64 and the semi were eastbound,” Faglie explained. “He (truck driver) t-boned the SUV and lost control and went into the ditch and into the annex and the building and truck caught on fire.”
Faglie said the couple was at fault for failure to yield right-of-way.
The driver of the 18-wheeler was pronounced dead at the scene by Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace Ronnie Daniel.
The incident is still under investigation.

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