05 22 2015

Student Arrested In ‘Threats’ Investigation

By Larry Briscoe
A W.H. Ford High School student was arrested Tuesday evening in connection with alleged threats he made at school.
Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks confirmed Tuesday night that a juvenile student had been arrested for alleged threats and was taken to Hunt County Juvenile Detention Center.
“We just caught this today,” Meeks said. “It’s real early in the investigation.”
Quinlan Independent School District Chief of Police Pete Ferrara said the student was not at school when the arrest was made. “The sheriff’s office got information that he had made a threat, and the sheriff’s office took him into custody tonight,” Ferrara said.
Supt. Micheal French said the school district had “interviewed a ton of kids and tried to get to what happened.”
“We did our due diligence,” the superintendent said. “We did an emergency removal to make sure, pending an investigation that was ongoing.”
French said the district had ensured the student in question would not be on campus.
He said the county took over and made the arrest.
French said the school district had interviewed about 30 students and could not substantiate the threat rumors. “Apparently the county could,” he said of the arrest.
The superintendent said he could not give any identification of the student arrested other than he was in high school.
“We take all these accusations and claims seriously and take immediate action,” French said. “We will fully cooperate with the sheriff’s office.”
Ferrara notified The Quinlan-Tawakoni News at noon Wednesday that any announcement Quinlan schools were placed under lock-down was a hoax.
Ferrara said an announcement was made at Walmart that the schools were under lock-down and that parents were taking their children home as a result.
He said extra security measures had been taken after the arrest Tuesday night.
Ferrara requested a statement be posted on the newspaper Facebook page stating the announcement was a hoax.




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