05 30 2015

Travers, Beckett Win In West Tawakoni

By Larry Briscoe
West Tawakoni voters elected a new mayor and member of the council at Tuesday’s General Election that included local elections for the first time.
Calvin Travers was the choice of voters for mayor with 229 votes, 58.72 percent of the total. He outdistanced Jack Schultz with 161 votes, 41.28 percent.
Travers won both the early and election day vote totals with 55 early votes, 63.22 percent, and 174, 57.43 percent, on election day. Schultz had 32 early votes, 36.78 percent, and 129, 42.57 percent, on election day.
Incumbent Mayor Pete Yoho did not run for another term as mayor, however he ran and lost the race for a place on the city council.
Beckett won the Place 2 Council seat with 236 votes, 61.94 percent, to Yoho’s 145, 38.06 percent.
The early vote gave 44, 52.38 percent, to Beckett and 40, 47.62 percent, to Yoho. On election day, the vote was 192 for Beckett, 64.65 percent, to 105, 35.35 percent for Yoho.
Travers said Tuesday night he had not expected the margin of victory he received.
The mayor-elect said he knew the city and council had been through a pretty difficult two years. “I don’t care to weigh in on what has taken place,” he said and said he had enough experience with cities and the council to keep from toiling over hard feelings of the past.
Travers said if he could accomplish the task of putting the hard feelings behind, he and the council could spend their time on solving the many and varied problems of the city.
Travers had previously served as mayor and on the council of Seagoville.
Schultz who previously served as West Tawakoni Police Chief extended congratulations to Travers. “I know he will do a good job, and I know Laura Beckett will do a good job. I know we will see great improvements in the city.”
Yoho said, “I intend to continue to go to council meetings and continue as much as I can to help the city. I thank everyone for their support in the past and in the future.”
Beckett said, “I thank everybody that came out and voted and hopefully we can get something new done in Tawakoni.”
Place 4 Councilwoman Carol Solomon ran without opposition and received 218 votes for a new term. The number included 43 early votes and 175 on election day.
A 196th District Court jury handed down a decision last month to remove her from office for official misconduct.
Judge Steve Tittle’s order after the jury trial suspended Solomon from serving on the council, pending appeal. State law from which the order was taken states an office holder removed would be ineligible for reelection to the same office for two years.
Another unknown Tuesday night was the outcome of provisional ballots.
Hunt County Election Administrator Mina Cook said about 176 provisional ballots remained to be processed throughout the county.
She said three of those ballots were from Rainbow Cove recently annexed into West Tawakoni. The elections office had not yet received notification the area was part of West Tawakoni, and those votes were yet to be processed. However the outcome was not expected to change after they were counted on Wednesday.
City Administrator Susan Roberts confirmed the area was annexed and part of the city. Cook said she would discuss the matter on Wednesday with the city.
Roberts said she expected the council would canvass votes on Thursday, Nov. 15, at 6:30 p.m.
Boles ISD
Boles Independent School District voters elected a new trustee.
Four incumbents were on the ballots for reelection along with challenger Robert Cruthird. Incumbents included Linda Pitts, Laura Sweeney, Gary Pitts and Jason Monroe.
The top four vote getters and winners of the election were Monroe, 48 votes, 25.40 percent; Sweeney, 42, 22.22 percent; Linda Pitts, 36, 19.05 percent; and Cruthird, 33, 17.46 percent.
Incumbent Gary Pitts came in fifth with 30 votes, 15.87 percent.
William Bacon ran unopposed for a two-year unexpired term. Bacon received 74 votes, 100 percent.
Other results
Cook said records were broken by Hunt County voters in early vote totals as well as on election day.
A total of 28,183 voters cast ballots. That number is 56.14 percent of the 50,198 registered to vote.
Cook pointed out that as many as 1,300 ballots were cast in one precinct on election day in Caddo Mills to illustrate the large numbers who turned out for the election.
Almost as many voted early as voted on election day. The numbers were 13,597 ballots cast early to 14,586 on election day.
Hunt County voters were largely Republican as reflected in straight party voting — Republicans, 11,802, 76.17 percent; Democrats, 3,559, 22.97 percent; Libertarians, 103, 0.66 percent; and Green Party, 31, 0.20 percent.
The race for President was similar with Republicans Mitt Romney for President and Paul Ryan for Vice President receiving 20,966 votes, 74.94 percent; Democrats Barack Obama and Joe Biden, 6,651, 23.77 percent; Libertarians, Gary Johnson and Jim Gray, 284, 1.02 percent; and Green Party, Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala, 66, 0.24 percent.
Hunt County gave Republican Ted Cruz the nod for United States Senator with 19,742 votes to Paul Sadler for the Democrats with 6,876.
Republican incumbent United States Representative Ralph M. Hall won easily in Hunt County with 20,399 votes to Democrat VaLinda Hathcox with 6,079, 22.26 percent.
County Commissioner Pct. 1 Republican nominee Eric Evans won with 4,512 votes, 68.46 percent, over Democrat nominee Jerry T. Minter, 2,079 votes, 31.54 percent.
County Commissioner Pct. 3 Republican nominee Phillip A. Martin ran without opposition in the general election after defeating the incumbent in the primary. Martin was given 6,203 votes, 100 percent, on Tuesday.
For Pct. 1 Constable, Terry Jones, Republican, won easily with 11,041 votes, 73.07 percent, to Democrat Glenn Stone’s 4,070, 26.93 percent.
For Pct. 2 Constable, Democrat Wayne “Doc” Pierce won a close race with 1,374 votes, 50.98 percent, to Republican Charles Adams’ 1,321, 49.02 percent.
Pct. 4 Constable Kent Layton ran unopposed in the general election for a new term and received 5,500 votes, 100 percent.

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