05 27 2015

VZC Veterans Memorial To Receive Matching Funds From CEDC

By Julie Vaughan
A gift to the Van Zandt County Veterans Memorial Plaza will be twice as nice because for every dollar donated now through March 31, 2013, the Canton Economic Development Corporation will match it.
During a special called meeting, the CEDC board met in executive session, and then voted in open session, to give the Veterans Memorial Board a dollar for every dollar they received up to $4,000.
Although the memorial board, represented by Red Montgomery, requested $5,000 to help with the restoration of the Coast Guard boat, he said whatever they receive will be appreciated.
“I gave you an estimated cost of what we believe it would cost to place the boat in the ground completely finished,” Montgomery said during his presentation.
“All of the money we spend is very well documented,” he continued. “We can’t go out and spend $10 here and $20 there. It has to be approved by the board before we spend any money. These verbal bids for doing this are what it is – $8,415.”
Montgomery explained that the approximately 26,000-pound boat, once refurbished, will be lowered into the ground slightly.
It will sit in a cradle which would support it in the ground sitting in gravel.
He noted that when it rains, water will sit inside the boat, so a drainage pipe will be inserted inside the hull that will drain into the nearby creek.
The boat is just one more piece to the growing Veterans Memorial Park that was started more than seven years ago by Montgomery.
Although not complete, it has slowly come together through donations and fund raisers within the community.
“We appreciate it so much and this will go as far as it can go. That is all I can promise you,” Montgomery told the board.
“This will be on a reimbursement basis,” board president Cindy Malouf explained. “So our $4,000 doesn’t come into play immediately. It is going to be a dollar per dollar match. So if you raise $2,000 in this 90 day period then we would match that $2,000.”
“Hopefully this will put some urgency in people that there is a limited time, that if they are planning to make a donation they will go ahead and do it and get it done,” Malouf continued.
Anyone interested in making a donation to the Van Zandt County Veterans Memorial can go by the museum/visitors center located at 1200 S. Trade Days Blvd, Suite 600 in Canton, call (903) 567-0657 or visit the website at www.vzcm.org for more opportunities on learning how to donate.

Photo by Julie Vaughan
The Van Zandt County Veterans Memorial received a generous offer of a matching grant from the Canton Economic Development Corporation after they requested money to help refurbish the Coast Guard boat. Currently, the boat sets unfinished at the Veterans Memorial Plaza due to a lack in funding.

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